Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Flights of Emotion

It has been far too long since my last post, so I'll start off slow. This recent article in the LRB is well worth a read for anyone interested in Wikipedia and its all-over-the-placeness (not a word, you might argue, but if you do I'll put an entry for it in Wikipedia).

In the same issue, I found a suprising reference to a particular experience of travel that I thought was a personal quirk, one that others didn't share and would think me a little crazy for having. I find travel, particularly travel by plane, an emotional experience. Sitting on a long flight by a window seat can bring me to tears - not good tears or bad tears, just tears. I couldn't tell you why; it is not an unpleasant experience, in fact it is a welcome release. Perhaps one feels cocooned in the long metal tube, flying through the air. Anne Enright mentions in this article that "a long-haul flight is a very emotional place: it is something to do with the air". I couldn't agree more.

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ellen said...

Hey Shane, I just came across your blog now... I have that same experience with crying in airplanes. Like you said, it's hard to pinpoint why, but it does seem that there's something profound about being so high up and going so fast... passing over oceans and continents in hours. It makes me feel small and very alive. Anyway, I hope you are well. xx Ellen