Monday, 12 May 2008

More Science and Art!

Well, just a day or two since I last posted on this topic, and now the Guardian throws more science / art interdisciplinarity at us. This post on science in poetry is certainly a very welcome discussion, and its nice to see the cosmological focus of Dante (and indeed many other medieval poets) getting a mention.

I'm a little puzzled by many of the poems which are actually posted, however, and have to say I was most intrigued by the genome illustration (or representation I suppose) at the top of the page. It reminds me of the long rolls that fed some old self-playing pianos - the music of life?


[dave] said...

like the blog shane, good stuff.

your nerdy misogyny poems weren't my scene but i like the other stuff :)

Shane said...

Thanks Dave - I've been enjoying your website for ages - awesome stuff! mind if I link to it from this site?

[dave] said...

oh cool, go on. glad you like it.